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Irm is a warm and compassionate person, who is highly skilled at creating a safe environment for her clients. Her abilities to support with life coaching are nurturing, whilst being able to challenge in a positive way. Irm is approachable, friendly and I would recommend her services.

Victoria, London

Irm guided me through a difficult period in my life when I separated from my partner for 3 months. Irm coached me through my fears and hopes in order to stay positive and step back from the situation to ensure that I had enough breathing space. What was particularly helpful is her ability to focus on me and for me to realise that I will be ok whatever the outcome.
The result of Irms life coaching enabled me to improve my emotional intelligence and get back with my partner. We subsequently got engaged!
Thank you so much Irm.

Karl, Hampshire

Irm is reliable, focus driven, approachable and a great communicator. I have worked with Irm during life’s crossroads when I have needed friendly discussion to work out my next steps.
I would recommend Irm to anyone who needs that all important nudge, inspiration and motivation whether in your career or personal life.
Irm’s invaluable wealth of experience nurtured over the years and her warm personality shine through making her coaching sessions both motivational and enjoyable. 

Nina, Manchester

Irm’s relaxed conversational style of coaching makes the session feel like you are having a chat with a friend.

Laura, Derbyshire

One of Irm’s star qualities, is her ability to flex and adapt to everyone’s different needs and taking the time to understand what really matters to that person is what sets Irm apart.
I will never ever forget everything Irm has done for me over the years because I wouldn’t be where I am without her.

Joanna, Lancashire

With her depth of commercial experience, combined with her very clear coaching ability, Irm can positively enhance and influence ones thinking and outlook in a variety of situations.
Be it in the corporate world or private life, she has compassion, pragmatism, an upbeat endearing personality, which when wrapped into a coaching environment enables her to respectfully challenge thinking and attitudes, resulting in a more energised, clear, and positive outlook for the journey ahead.  I would recommend Irm without hesitation.

Martyn, Leeds

I started working with Irm when I had a dream of leaving corporate life and setting up my own business but I was struggling to get from A to B as life kept getting in the way of my dream.
In our coaching sessions, we set clear goals to move me in the right direction and Irm was great at keeping me accountable for the actions I set myself in our weekly sessions. She was also able to get me back on track if I was struggling and helped me to unpick any limiting beliefs that were holding me back.
I now have a thriving business and wake up every morning with a day ahead doing what I love.

Sophia, Manchester

Irm has always been a great listener and always objective and supportive in her response to any issues I have discussed with her.
Irm makes me feel so relaxed around her and she is so motivating and encouraging to truly get the best out of me in our coaching sessions.

Tara, Manchester

Irm is someone, you know at first meeting, that you can talk to and trust. So very important when confiding in someone. Easy to talk to, means you can open up and trust, knowing she will give her true opinion.
Very knowledgeable and honest. I can recommend her on all counts.

Brianna, Cheadle

Irm provided some corporate coaching for my team to allow us to create psychological safety in the workplace.
Irm was well prepared, able to dig deep, and helped us to nail down a good plan of action that has really improved the way we work as a team and was definitely a factor in the results we are now achieving.

Katherine, Manchester